SPH Radio fined $7,000 due to DJs making insensitive racist remarks

On 21 March 2017, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has imposed a fine of $7,000 to SPH Radio Pte...

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On 21 March 2017, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has imposed a fine of $7,000 to SPH Radio Pte Ltd (SPH Radio) for breaching the Free-To-Air Radio Programming Code.

This was based on Kiss 92’s morning radio show hosted by Maddy Barber, Jason Johson and Arnold Gay. The three DJs were on air talking about a recent study which found out that 44 percent of Singaporeans do not get enough sleep on weekdays. The findings showed that 6 out of 10 Chinese had sufficient sleep in contrast to 4 out of 10 Malays and Indians.

This is when the deejays expressed surprise that Chinese people gets more sleep compared to the Malays and Indians. Upon that, they further stereotype the minorities stating reasons for lack of sleep such as “Malays and Indians work less, and go out and party but Chinese people had to send their kids to school and go to work early.” Netizens expressed anger towards the DJs for being racist on this matter.


Following the incident, DJ Maddy Barber posted an apology on Kiss 92’s Facebook page.

“On behalf of the team I’d like to apologise for this. It was not our intention to hurt or belittle anyone or any race. Most of us on the show, including me, come from a multi racial family, and a tolerant society has always been what we stand for on the show,” she wrote.

Many had grown up with multi-racial friends in Singapore, therefore we had grown accustomed to stereotypes made or lived up by our friends. However, that does not mean we can further stereotype the whole race as not everyone are of such. Singapore is a harmonious multi-racial country where we respect one another’s differences. We wouldn’t want to spark some bitter events which happened in the past, don’t we?

Source: AsiaOne


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