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Do You Really Know How To Choose Your Durian?

As we all know, durian season is here and typically between June and September, many will rush to the...

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As we all know, durian season is here and typically between June and September, many will rush to the fruit stalls to find their favourite seasonal fruit. But will its taste meet your expectations upon purchasing?

Here’s how you can become a pro in choosing the right durian!

1. Don’t just look at the colour

There are three colours of durian commonly found – green, yellow, and brown. Some may think green durians are not fully ripe, as compared to brown durians. In reality, it’s not about the colour. The taste of the fruit inside has nothing to do with its colour on the outside. A green durian may reap sweet, fleshy fruit on the inside!

2. Go for the round ones

Have you ever looked at the shape of the durian sold before buying it? If you look closely, not all durians are round. There are even oval-shaped durians.

They say if you choose a round durian, you’ll get a large quantity of fleshy fruit. The more oval it is, the less fruit there is on the inside.

3. Short and thick – that’s the stalk you need

The stalk of the fruit… Who knew right? Most buyers choose durian based on its colour, size and smell. However, a stalk can determine if the fruit is dense and plentiful when cut open. The thicker and shorter, the better.

4. Do not buy sealed or opened durian

Many buyers make the mistake of buying durians that have already been opened because they think it makes it easier to check the fruit.

When the durian bark is exposed, its fruit will be exposed to the wind continuously. This can cause the durian fruit to taste bland. You should consider buying durians with skin that is still tightly covered.

5. Choose the lightweight durian

Many have the impression that the heavier the durian, the more edible fruit there is inside. But the heavier the durian fruit, the more expensive it will be. Make the wrong choice, and your money will go to waste. 

Choose the lighter fruit because the heavier the durian is, the bigger the seeds it has. The bigger the seed, the less fruit there is to eat. 

Now you’re all ready to put this new found knowledge to good use! With great power, comes great responsibility. Use it well.

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