3 Steps To Proper Mask Care

Now that wearing masks have become a daily routine, your reusable masks are more likely to get dirty and...

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Now that wearing masks have become a daily routine, your reusable masks are more likely to get dirty and stretched out. After having it on for the entire day, chances are your mask will start to smell or get stained. So, here’s how you can ensure that your reusable mask stays clean and lasts longer!

STEP 1: Wash Your Mask Before Your First Use

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Even though it is the first time you are using the mask, there could be other people before you who would have touched the mask in the process of manufacturing it. Washing it first would decontaminate the cloth and remove any chemicals or fabric dyes in the cloth that would irritate your skin. This would also make your mask better-smelling as compared to how it smells right out of the packaging.

STEP 2: Precautions Throughout The Day

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Needless to say that your mask would come into contact with germs when you are out. From sweating under the mask to the food crumbs falling into your mask, here are some tips on taking care of your mask:

1. Having Packets Of Tissue With You

Exhaling into the mask or even just walking, would cause perspiration on your face. A damp mask would make it less efficient at filtering bacteria and makes it harder for you to breathe. So, a piece of tissue would come in handy here.

2. Removing Your Mask Entirely When You Eat

Tucking the mask under your chin would not only contaminate your mask but it would also stretch out the ear straps. Food crumbs could also fall into your tucked mask as well. And if you’re a makeup user, remember to wipe your lips before you put your mask back on to avoid having lipstick smeared on your face.

STEP 3: Wash Your Mask Before Next Use

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1. Soak It

Submerge it fully in warm/hot water. Additionally, you can add in half a teaspoon of baking soda to act as a mild disinfectant and a deodorant.

2. Soap It

Use soap or mild detergent when washing it. Avoid putting too much or using strong-smelling ones if you can’t stand strong scents. Rinse off the soap water and gently press out the water. Do not wring your masks dry. This helps to maintain its shape and extend its use.

3. Dry It

Leaving your mask out to dry would prolong its use as compared to using a dryer, which would spoil the mask’s fabric.

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