Terrorism – How Prepared Are We?

Hal Ehwal Teh-Kini, Sembang-sembang je

If you haven’t heard of SGSecure and anti-terrorism exercises, you must be living under a rock. Terrorism is on the rise and Singapore has been on ISIS’ target list since September 2015. Are we going to cower in fear? No, we take precautions to prepare ourselves.


This year alone, we’ve had multiple anti-terrorism exercises:



Last Friday, ‘gunmen’ stormed into Clarke Quay to carry out a gun and knife attack exercise which resulted in a ‘large number of casualties’. The exercise was jointly organized by the police and Ministry of Manpower, involving 70 representatives and staff from businesses in the area. This was carried out to test the emergency responses of various parties to an attack similar to the recent London Borough Market attack.



On October 17th, an exercise was held at Changi Airport Terminal 3 to test our resilience against a terror attack. The exercise involved the Singapore Police Force, Changi Airport Group, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Ministry of Health and other agencies. During the exercise, blanks and pyrotechnics were used at various locations of the terminal.



For the first time, in October as well, schools conducted “lockdown” drills, moving away focus from the typical fire drills.  Once they hear a code that “an intruder” is in the compound, teachers and students then locked themselves in classrooms and hid from sight. Windows were closed, lights and fans were switched off and phones had to be placed on silent mode so that an alarm or notification would not give their location away. Some schools even pushed tables to the walls nearest the doors and took cover until premises were secured.


Now, all of this is a step in the right direction but are we truly prepared? Here at TehTarik, we’re realistic. The truth is no one can guarantee that we are 100% prepared. This uncertainty is the reason why we should maximize all efforts to counter terrorism and that begins with every citizen.


Check out SGSecure’s website here. You can download the relevant apps and check out their tips because we’re sure you wouldn’t want to be caught in a state of emergency with your safety compromised, thinking, “What do I do?”



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